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School Closure Information

Franklin High School Entrance
- Students in state tested courses are exempt from having to pass the state test to graduate.  This includes seniors who have not passed the state test graduation requirements.  This does not include juniors who have not passed state test.  Students enrolled in state tested classes MUST pass the course this year to be exempt from the state test graduation requirement. 
- Assignments can be accessed online and will be updated weekly (instructions in attached document)
- Returned assignments can preferably be emailed or submitted electronically through teachers' individual class platforms. They will also be collected outside the school starting March 30th. 
- Grades will be given for assignments
- Teachers will be offering face-to-face online instruction for every class period once a week via online technology, attire and behavior during these meetings needs to be school appropriate, all meetings will be recorded
        (Tuesday- 1st period 10am, 2nd period 10:30am)
        (Wednesday- 3rd period 10am, 4th period 10:30am)
        (Thursday- 5th period 10am, 6th period 10:30am, 7th period 11am)