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School History

History from 1913-1936


Because of the booming agricultural market, on Tuesday, September 9, 1913, Franklin County Agricultural High School was opened.  It was located where cafeteria of the present Franklin County High School sits. Seventy students were the first to enroll for the 1913-1914 school year. Franklin County Agricultural High School was a boarding school and was located on 150 acres, fifty was in cultivation.  Along with a male dormitory, female dormitory, dining hall, classroom facilities, a dairy and hog farm was located on the school campus. The school owned mules and other adequate tools for farming.  Male students were required to enroll a minimum of two years of agricultural study.  Female students were required to enroll a minimum of two years of home economics study. Students were also required to work a minimum of five hours per week on campus.  The work performed was applied to the boarding costs.  Any student who worked more than five hours a week was paid ten cents per hour.  To be admitted to Franklin County Agricultural High School, prospective students had to present evidence of good character and willingness to learn to the principal.  The cost of attending was $113.42.  This fee included enrollment fees, room and board, and textbooks.  There was also an extra dollar charge for music fees.  Students who attended the school traveled by train and horseback from all over the county.

The Great Depression ended Franklin County Agricultural High School.  Boarding and agricultural operations were stopped at the end of the 1934-1935 school year. The following school year, the name was changed to Meadville High School.  The first graduating class of Meadville High School was the Class of 1936.