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Biology 1 experiment

Biology 1 lab in Mrs. Grice's room. Living or nonliving?

JROTC working together
Bully the bulldog


The Swamp

The Swamp

homecoming parade
Band at the pep rally

Bulldogs getting peppy! 


Bulldog football 2019-2010

Girls basketball
boys basketball
Band in homecoming parade
Students laying bricks

Team work makes the dream work!

JROTC in the computer class

Technology incorporated into the JROTC program.

Former Homecoming queens

Bulldog's pledge.

Beta Club group photo

Beta Club group photo.

Break time

Bulldogs at break time!

Learning together.

Bulldogs making a difference.

Beta club working on brick patio

Working to get the school in tip top shape, these students volunteered their time during the summer to place bricks in the courtyard. 

Students with a dump truck

Brick by brick, the courtyard is coming together!

2018-19 Girls Soccer Team

2018-19 Girls Soccer team


 Educating Today's Students for Tomorrow's World

Spotlight Message

Our motto for the 2019-2020 academic year at Franklin County High School is “Striving for More.”
Here are some of the ways the faculty and staff are embracing our motto.
First on our list is MORE courses - 17 new courses will be offered, including two ACT preparation classes to help students receive MORE college scholarships.  Theater and Chorus will expose students to MORE areas of performing arts.  Learning strategies classes in English, Algebra I, and US History will provide MORE support and time for students to master these primary high school subjects.  And multiple Advanced Placement college level courses will allow our students to not only be MORE prepared for college, but to have MORE college credits when they graduate high school.
Students can also look forward to MORE recognition for success throughout the school year.  Academic celebrations of achievements by students on ACT scores and state tests will be held. Students will also be recognized for embracing the “Striving for More” motto in areas of athletics and strong character.  MORE social events are also being organized for Homecoming Week and a new tradition of “Senior Week.”
With MORE opportunities offered by the faculty and staff of Franklin County High School, we are expecting MORE from our students’ this academic year.  Students will be working smarter and be MORE focused while pursuing excellence.
We look forward to all parents and students joining us in our “Striving for More” efforts!
 “It is only through raising expectations and striving for excellence that our children can reach their full potential.” Brad Henry

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Above and Beyond students Featured Photo

Above and Beyond students

This google form is to be used to nominate students who demonstrate qualities of going "above and beyond" in academics, effort, kindness, growth/maturity, or perseverance. Nominations will be considered by the Above and Beyond committee and a group of students will be decided on for recognition. All teachers are urged to participate.